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Meet Author Travis Galen Smart

This book  causes the reader to stop and ask what is your purpose in life?

Author Travis Galen Smart wrote, My People It's Time to Come Home, because that was his question and, he noted, "It was a long time before I ever knew I had a purpose. Everything seemed that it was self-serving in life: you were supposed to have a family, a nice house, and a nice car with money in the bank.
I was born in Oklahoma, coached in Texas, retired and began living on our small ranch located in southwest Oklahoma. It has been in the family since 1917. The book was born out of a situation in 2008 where I needed to come up with a good sum of money for the mortgage on the land."

As is often the case, challenges can become guideposts and set one on a course to their destiny.

Smart added, "My dad bought one of the first Fender electric guitars made back in the late 50's or early 60's.  I was around 10 or 11 years old.  My dad passed away in 1988.  It was a valuable and rare guitar.The hard decision was made to sell the guitar to pay the mortgage. 
We sold the guitar to Vince Gill.  Vince wanted a picture of my dad with the guitar.  When I could not find a picture, I called Vince and asked if I could write him 4 or 5 lines about my dad.  Those 4 or 5 lines turned into 4 or 5 pages. 
At that point, I realized there was a story there with my dad, and other family stories that needed to be told.  A story of faith, love, and hope going back to the Revolutionary War.  It was, I believe, a purpose in my life."
That revelation of a life purpose will touch a cord in many readers and they will not be alone.  "The responses we have heard back from those who have read the book have been such a blessing.  "Smart added, noting that , "The book has been encouraging for a lot of people.  We have done a few book signings in our area, and I've spoken to a few groups with one scheduled next month."
Available in print and e-book formats from Tate Publishing, and other outlets.  See a book trailer here.  Want to interview, inquire as to appearances or simply contact the author ? - Click here.