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Noted Oklahoma Composer Branches Into Children's Literature

Dr. Ed Huckeby, noted composer, musician, and educator, has now written a book for children.    
Huckeby's skills as a musician include the mastery of many instruments, including the horn, the trumpet, the bass guitar, the organ, the piano, and vocals. He has served in a symphony orchestra, a jazz band, and a Christian quintet       (Wikipedia)

Judy and Johnny only wanted to play in the band. They never expected people to make fun of them because of the instruments they chose to play. Since when were only boys allowed to play the tuba, or only girls allowed to play the flute, anyway? But Judy and Johnny refuse to let the bullies make them mad, and they quickly learn that the most important thing about playing in the band is learning to love and appreciate the gift of music.

32 pages - $10.99 (paperback) Tate Publishing, Mustang, Oklahoma

This book is also available for purchase as an eBook download.
$7.99 (digital download)