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Norman author Marilyn A. Hudson has announced the release of the first in a series of books featuring a sleuth named Madame Delaine, the steampunk sleuth.

Steam Punk is an imaginaive sub-genre of Science Fiction, usually set in a Victorian world filled with strange gadgets and advanced science based on the time's technology.  "Think Jules Verne or H.G. Wells", the author noted in explanation.

"In this series, the steam punk elements are just emerging and so the setting is largely Victorian era with some elements of science ficton.  Over the course of time, however, the series will gradually take on the more dystopian elements largely associated with the genre.  There will, however, remain a strong sense of the "fun" as well."
The first title released is Madame Delaine: The Case of the Daring Girl Detective.  It should appeal to upper elementary, teens and adults looking for a short but engaging read.

125 pg., paperbound and also available in Kindle format.
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