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Author Jess Davon Joslin

The book, A Trail of Broken Promises (Tate, 2010), is a novel of historic fiction but it is filled with people real enough to become part of the story, living, struggling, and dreaming with its people. 

 A nation torn apart. A woman ripped from her husband. A terrifying forced march. When the Cherokee nation is forced to relocate, Elsie Feather is snatched from her husband and children. Will she find her family? A Trail of Broken Promises is a gripping story of love and loss, peace and despair, and the beautiful story of love's redeeming power. Travel the Trail of Tears and experience the heartache and pain through the eyes of Elsie Feather, a young Cherokee wife who nearly loses it all and rises up to fight back at those seeking to destroy her and her people. A Trail of Broken Promises takes the reader down a dark road in the history of a nation built on religious freedom and the concept of all men being created equal.