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Two New Books Take A Look At The Other Side of Oklahoma History

Oklahoma author Marilyn A. Hudson, announces the publication of two new books that explore some of the history that did not make it into the history books!  "These are two fun titles," noted Hudson, " I found some really interesting stories and one thing led to another."

TALES OF HELL'S HALF ACRE, is 100 pgs., softbound, and looks at some true stories from the period when the thriving center of OKC life was an area known as "Hell's Half Acre."  Roughly located in the area of the current Cox Convention Center and the Myriad Gardens it was a wild and wooly place filled with some fascinating characters and activities before and after statehood.

WHEN DEATH RODE THE RAILS is 180 pgs., softbound, and follows the trail of some strange and true deaths along Oklahoma railroads between 1900 and 1920 and asks, "Did a serial killer stalk early Oklahoma?"  Along the way some interesting facts about Oklahoma railroads and some insights into life 'in the good ole' days.'

Both titles will be available on Amazon June 20, 2011.  For other works, or to read about forthcoming titles, visit Whorl Books.