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Letters To Survivors: Words of comfort for Women Recovering from Rape has been two years' in the making. Women from around the world have bravely chosen to share their stories, wisdom, and advice from their journeys of healing. Letters came from women ge 18 to 65, form America to Britain.

Each of them wrote a personal letter form the heart to all "future survivors" - other women who have endured the trauma of rape or sexual abuse.

This book will save lives. It offers a message of hope without being preachy or superficial. It is not triggering or expicit, and can be read by a person at any stage of healing, and of any age. The artwork is uplifting, and the words are gentle and poignant. Letters To Survivors is a book that can be given as a gift, offered to clients in therapy, or distributed by crisis centers.

See also his insightful and helpful, Resurrection After Rape

Matt Atkinson is a Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Professional. He has worked as a director of prevention of domestic and sexual violence, where he developed and implemented programs with women’s prisons, university sports teams, churches, schools, and Indian tribes. Matt has also counseled youth and adults, including more than 500 Survivors of rape.

Matt is frequently sought as a presenter/speaker and interview subject, and has been invited to travel to New Zealand to help develop a documentary about sexual assault recovery in diverse world cultures.

Matt has degrees in Art/Human Physiology, Behavioral Science, and a Master's in clinical Social Work from Oklahoma University. He is married and has two sons, and is an Ojibway Oshkaabewis (pipe-keeper) and regularly participates in ceremonies. He is currently writing two new books for 2010.