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Author Marvin Wiebener crafts a strong, exciting and unique story that seems torn from the headlines. The sharp reality, the strong characters and the tension of this tale of intrigue and action will satisfy any reader. With its strong female protoganists, action sequences, and multi faceted charactrization and plotting, it will be a great addition to any library or personal reading collection.

"CIA Director Margaret Winters attended the morning intelligence briefing in the situation room as she'd done every day since Iran's president made public his threat to wipe Israel off the map. Facing her was the very real and complex nature of her nearly impossible task to provide the president of the United States, who was under pressure to intercede, with actionable information. The president makes it clear that no American combatant will set foot on, fly over, or park a naval ship off the Iranian coast until absolute and irrefutable proof exists that Iran is an imminent threat. What happens next is a grueling, dangerous, and heart-wrenching quest for intelligence that could cost lives but stop a world war. Winters has her marching orders; trouble is, a senior CIA official, along with an overly ambitious congressman, wants the director to fail. Aware of her detractors' wishes, Winters crafts a plan to secure proof the president needs that bypassed the customary collection and analysis of raw intelligence. Her proposal shocks everyone in the tight circle of those with a need-to-know, and when the plan appears to go terribly wrong, she must take matters into her own hands. With the lives of a patriotic few caught in a clandestine mission, those keeping us safe, people whose stories will likely never be told, face dire straits in hopes of preventing the unthinkable, a war unlike any seen before. Hope teases all involved with the birth of a plan so incredible it just may work—The Moriah Ruse."

432 pages - $29.99 (paperback)