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LIFE ON THE LINE - OKC Landmark Cafeteria Shares Story

Just in time for the holidays, Forty-Sixth Star Press announces its latest book Life on the Line: The Dodson's Cafeteria Story, a blend of city history, politics, and nostalgia, sprinkled with the recipes people "waited in line for." With help from all of the members of the Dodson family, Joe and Charlotte tell their story of being pioneers in the OKC cafeteria business, a thriving community which won OKC the distinction of being the "cafeteria capitol of the world." Their three Dodson cafeterias were the meeting place for business, community, and churches across the city, and their famous pies were the envy of many a harried OKC housewife during the busy holidays.

Life on the Line is now available at or at OKC's Full Circle Book Store. For a great holiday gift, along with flavorful memories, come to our Full Circle book signing on Sunday, December 19th at 2:00 p.m. (1900 N. W. Expressway).

"...To my family, "Dodson's" and "holidays" were synonymous. Being from north Oklahoma City, Dodson's was a special trip. Ironically, my family's 'culinary skills' were lacking: holiday meals were catered..Of all places in Oklahoma City, Dodson's was our choice--especially for the pies. My grandfather and I always ordered an extra mince pie, 'just for us." Kyle Anderson, Chef and Owner -- Kyle's 1025

Contact: Pamela Bracken, Publisher, 46th Star Press,, 405-514-5636