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MEET THE AUTHOR: Kenneth Shelby Armstrong

This delightful biography brings more than one smile. Setting the tone are statements such as : "I didn't come along until 1927, but my parents chose an auspicious place for my birth. They chose Skedee, Oklahoma." He strings together episodes of life both dramatic, silly, and deeply moving to engage and retain interest. In 1909 his grandfather shot a man in a bar in Kentucky motivating the move into the new state of Oklahoma. From there he follows the "rough roads" of life with vigor, comedy, and emotion. An excellent and interesting addition to any adult, Oklahoma biography, or general biography collection.

Publisher: Rough Roads Press (P.O. BOX 7 , FORT TOWSON, OK 74735 / Kenneth Shelby Armstrong (

ISBN: 978-0-9798327-0-3 Cost: $15.00 (perfect binding) Description: , p. 264Available from: