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SATURDAY NIGHT COCOA FUDGE is a coming-of-age story of not only a freckled-faced girl of the 1950s in east Tennessee but the maturation of the women of my family. "This book isn’t about a sugar-sweet mother and grandmother, nor is it about an unscrupulous family that crippled me emotionally." Author Gloria Teague notes, " Rather it’s about sweetly flawed women who taught me what I was meant to be and what I was not meant to be. Our neck of the woods was filled with folklore, superstition, and mystical ideas. My grandmother believed and practiced most of these, passing them onto the next generation. My world was populated with strange relatives, quirky neighbors and mysterious bible verses that could stop the flow of blood. Being a member of this bizarre family made life worth living. These people were so fiercely loyal in their love for me, for each other, I felt they deserved to have their story told. " - Gloria Teague
The book is available from Amazon.