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"Surprising. Thought provoking. Moving."

Stories from the Back Porch: A Collection of Words by Brady Crandall is modern poetry with a conversational tone and an honest feel.  Rough, raw, and realistic vies with  a carefully playful, paced and authentic style. This first collection by Brady Crandall, poet and storyteller, is one adults will enjoy.
He paints diverse word images of real people roofing, being a fool, living life and surviving to the next day. He does it with humor, with pathos and with an understanding of humanity.  As an example the first poem of the collection is "Watching the Grass Grow" and hooks you at the start with "My grandpa was a one armed roofer..." He lures you in with a comic twist but by the time the work is completed he has engaged the reader's heart in profound and moving ways free of vapid nostalgia but filled with significance.
"Someone Might Need A Cup" is a simple and elegant portrayal of lessons learned about the uncertainties of life and being prepared. Lessons that go deeper than just having enough food on the shelf or gas in the car.
Images, ideas, feelings and dreams are aptly conveyed often with great originality and a unique voice. Each entry is unique and offers more than first seen. Read these poems and let them settle down and let the poet - this worker with words - lead you into unexpected encounters with life. 
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Published by the author; cover art by Parker Cunningham-Jones, 2014