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A writer's panel will be a featured part of the Underground Monster Carnival at the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds on March 7, 2015.  Authors participating include: Scott Cosby, Tommy B. Smith, Marilyn A. Hudson, Don Rosencrans and Adrean Messmer.  Hosting the event will be Will Harrison of The OKC Edge!
The event is sponsored by Art Sunday and Underground Horror Fest  "This is an old school carnival themed convention with prizes, costume contest, Room with special exhibits, vendors, fun workshops, music and much much more..!"
For the collector in everyone the show will be filled with vendors selling sci-fi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, and low-brow arts and crafts, as well as comics, books, movies, Toys and apparel.
"What kind of event would this be if we didn't encourage EVERYONE to get dressed up!"  The event welcomes all:  monsters, super heroes, movie/TV characters, scary creatures from beyond, sexy pin-ups and rockabilly greasers, steampunk, anime/cosplay, Furry's and of course we LOVE anyone who gets creative and creates something new!"

When: March 7, 2015 1pm-9pm
Where: OKC Fairgrounds ....Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
How Much?: $11 adults/11+ , $7 ages 10 and younger
(under 3 years old is free)
(this price includes taxes and fees)
Doors open at 1pm to 9pm
Why: Cause it will be AWESOME!
All ages event..
Please contact Art Sunday for info :