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Tony Smith was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma and grew up in the Oklahoma City area. Tony worked for AAA in Michigan for twenty two years and eventually decided to get back to his roots to be closer to family in Oklahoma. He currently makes his home in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma with his wife Denise and daughter Valerie. "Oklahoma Ride" represents the first in a series of books. I hope you enjoy the "Ride". 
"OKLAHOMA RIDE: Guideposts For Life"  was published in February of this year. The ISBN # is 978-1-62660-066-9. The work was edited by Denise Smith.
Image of Tony SmithAbout the book: "Don't we all wish we had a road map to keep us on the right track in life? We need certain cornerstones or guideposts in life to guide and direct us along our journey. In this book you will find those guideposts as described by a native Oklahoman, Tony Smith, who has been through his share of storms as well as blue skies. The stories are joyful, tearful, humorous, and thought provoking. Along the way you will also pick up some practical tips and tricks for improving your life to keep you going in the right direction."

In an interview with Oklahoma Writers, when asked what sparked his interest in writing this book, the author replied.  " I had thought a long while about writing a book like "Oklahoma Ride" and finally I decided to put pen to paper after my family and I made the decision to leave   Michigan after many years to return to Oklahoma. I started reflecting on many
of the life lessons I learned growing up in Oklahoma and along the way back   to what I consider my true home. I wanted to impart to others what took me   many hard life lessons to learn and offer a bit of encouragement and   sound advice along the road of life."

Readers always like to know where an authors influences come from. So we asked, "Is there an author that inspired you in what you are doing?"   "Stephen King probably inspired me the most after reading his own book "On Writing A Memoir Of The Craft" which was in part an autobiography. " Tony stated.  "He stated in his book to keep practicing your writing and to keep reading as much as you can to get better at what you do. Many of his books are  based in part upon things that happened to him along the way when he was younger."

The link to the ebook can be found at     He is part of the Goodreads author program and readers may visit his Amazon author page at