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Author Mariana Llanos Explores Children’s Imagination in New Book

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma­­--April 2013. In her first published story “Tristan Wolf”, Mariana Llanos takes the reader to the world of a boy raised by wolves who starts a journey to find his real self in an adventure filled with new friends and memories of his loving wolf family.

“I believe that my story will stimulate middle grade children’s playfulness and imagination, something that some books are lacking nowadays”, said the author. Although “Tristan Wolf” is recommended for children age 9 to 12 years old, it is also a book for any avid reader who is in for a timeless story. “I like to explore our ludic side, the creativity and imagination that we lose as we get older” added Mrs. Llanos.

“Tristan Wolf” is now available for sale on or on at the list price of $13.99. The official launch for “Tristan Wolf” will take place in the month of May, 2013.

Mariana Llanos grew up writing short stories and poetry. She has a background in drama and theater in her native Lima, Peru. Currently, Mrs. Llanos works at a local Oklahoma City preschool teaching art and music.

Contact Information:  Mariana Llanos