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'This Lesser Earth' Is A Superior Read

"Mary Margaret Woodward married a man who could pay one of those debts for her family. It didn’t take Mary long to decide her part in the transaction was paid-in-full, and she escaped into another world far more dangerous than any she knew existed. Surrendering her son, her pride, and any hope she had for any kind of normal happiness, Mary Margaret, the Southern Belle, became Maggie, the parlor girl, selling the only thing she had left to survive.

Jacob Granger was a war-weary survivor with little reason to rise each morning and face another day. After burying his wife, Lydia, with their child still wedged within her body, he couldn’t understand – or accept – God’s will for any of them… including the little woman He delivered to take Lydia’s place.

When two men from Maggie’s past seem to conspire to take her, too, Jacob has to fight another war, return to a god he no longer trusts, and leave Lydia behind – or lose his love again."

This Lesser Earth is available from Amazon in both print and Kindle formats.  exccellent addition to historical fiction and romance collections.   

With a style strongly reminiscent of Daphne duMaurier, author Jennifer Dahl delivers a dark story filled with passion, intrigue, love, hate, obsession, and manipulation from beyond the grave. At no time is there any guarantee that there will be a happy ending. Most of her waking hours are spent listening to the voices of the characters inside her head tell her what she's gotten wrong and how she can make it right. She is currently at work on her fourth novel, Fort Ruby, which introduces us to the challenges facing a woman doctor in her efforts to make her place in a small military town in Nevada's Old West.