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'ANNA'S SONG'- Bolerjack and Jones

ANNA EBBESSEN grew up in a soddie on a farm her father homesteaded after the Cherokee Strip land-run in 1893. At barely seventeen, her mother insists that she leave home to seek a better life. Anna feels guilty about leaving her mother with her abusive, drunken father but decides to stay with her uncle until she can determine what to do. When given the opportunity to work as a hired girl for the Muellers, she accepts even though she is homesick and must move a great distance from her family. The Muellers’ modern farm has many conveniences and their lifestyle is vastly different from what Anna has experienced. In their home for the first time she hears the Bible read, she learns about salvation and what a happy family should be. While living there she meets JOHN DAVIS, an “entirely satisfactory” man, only to learn that her mother has been put in a mental hospital, and she is expected to return home as her father’s caregiver. She is faced with a choice, accept her responsibility and face her father’s abuse and hostility, or stay and have a chance to fulfill her dreams.

About the Authors:  Areline Bolerjack grew up in Alva, Oklahoma, near her grandparents’ homestead where this story took place. She graduated from the Cadet Nurse Corps and is a retired Register Nurse. For nearly 15 years she wrote a column for two newspapers under the byline, Something Special. In 1982 she published her first cookbook which was revised and reprinted. Anna's Song is her first novel. Her home is in Blackwell, OK. Barbara Wright Jones is an award winning and published author of a biography, several articles, and short stories. She also has written a book of finger puppet plays and curriculum books for Spanish language teachers. She is a retired teacher and she and her husband, Kenneth, live in Meeker, OK.

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