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Joe Harwell, author of the Vampire rock series, Legend of Michelle Sands

and the Upside Down Hearts announces an exciting new title exploring a timely theme

.... One Drug.

By the middle of the 21st century China is the worlds most prosperous economy. As a debtor nation facing economic collapse, America is forced to end payment of Social Security, Medicare and all safety net benefits. With little debate or moral objection in Congress, the United States also legalizes and encourages assisted suicide to relieve stress on society in caring for the elderly, sick and dying. Now called V.T. (Voluntary Termination), families of people ending their lives in this way are paid a stipend for usable organs and tissues harvested for transplantation from their loved ones.

While America and the rest of the world suffers decline, advances in gene therapy and nanotechnology in China result in a true medical miracle. Called ONE DRUG, it prevents disease, prolongs life and treats injury. As a result of being tested on their troops, the Chinese military is quickly becoming the most powerful and feared armed force on the planet.

Financed by international smugglers and the still powerful Little Dixie Mafia, a breakthrough in ONE DRUG technology is underway in a lab near Fort Smith, Arkansas. Chinese and domestic spies are closing in on the facility to prevent this covert development of ONE DRUG. Hang on for this roller coaster race against time to save America and the life of a brave young woman

Joe Harwell - find links to all his books, in print and e-format, at his new website.