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Oh No! I Am Being Interviewed - What Do I Do?

It is bound to happen to any author at some time. It might be a snaggle-toothed elementary child or a sleek videographer on the local cable news show, whatever the setting be prepared for an interview.

Remember these fundamentals:
1. It is all about the book.
2. It is all about the book.
3. It is all about the book.
Bring every question, every comment, back to the point of the interview.

Some questions are going to be asked to simply get you settled. Some to check the sound or the lights. Few are designed to trip you up  - many are filled with just inane and tiring questions to be repeated endlessly while promoting a new work.

1. Be brief.
2. Be positive.
3. Be yourself - only better.
4. Bring it back to the book.

"What is your book about?" is not an introduction for you to ramble for 30 minutes. It is your chance to give a 30-60 second 'sound bite' teaser.

"How did you get started writing?"
Quick, dynamic and to the point answer.

"What is the next book?"
Always have a plan for the next hit wonders do not resonate.

"Do you have a specific writing style?"
Tie your style to a known name - name drop blatantly!  "If you like Dean Koontz, you will enjoy [insert the name of your book].   Note: always insert the name of your book!

"What is the message or theme of your book?"
Sub-text: is this an enjoyable read or one of those 'literary things' I will find boring? Remember the common themes of literature: survival, family, fear, struggle, accomplishment, etc.  Hitch your story to an easily understood descriptive star.

Special note: Can you describe your book in the space of an index card?  Can you do so using virbant action words? Can you convey the mood of the story without giving away the whole story? Can you 'tease' artfully or do you just bluntly strip exposing everything to the reader?