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Lesley Ward, aka L.A. Hamilton, has just recently published book a released through Dog Ear Publishing.

Hannah and Sam Pine, are forced to move when their mother dies. Hannah’s grief for the loss of her mother nearly pushes her into deaths waiting arms, until she becomes enveloped in the life of her handsome savior, Ethan Sun. Hannah fall’s desperately in love with Ethan, whom she deems perfect. It doesn’t take her long to realize that she isn’t too far off of her assumption, once she is exposed to his mysterious world. The stronger her love becomes for Ethan, the more extreme his deadly secrets get. (See more at )

It is a fictional novel that is told from an Oklahoma girls perspective. Says the author:" I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life, thus my heroine in the book was from Oklahoma too :)"

$12.95 / Perfectbound /ISBN: 9781608445813 /248 pages