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"In Her Own Words" Celebrates Faith, Love and Family

In Her Own Words: The Life and Inspirational Poems of Velma Dora Terry (1915-1999). Velma Terry; compiled and edited by Marilyn A. Hudson. Whorl Books via CreateSpace.

A child of the windy wheat plains of central Kansas, Velma Dora Terry, lived a simple life of no great renown, yet she possessed a poet's vision and a prophet's faith. Velma lived in simple homes in Kansas, rude houses in the Ozarks, and small homes on the frosty Nebraska hills. She gave birth to ten children over thirty years and lost three as infants. She fell, she stumbled, and in every time reached out to the God of her faith and tried to point others in that saving way. Velma's work originally appeared in several small collections, sold throughout southwestern Missouri and printed in newspapers in the region. Now, for the firstime, a majority of her work is being presented in its chronological order, along with a biographical and faith sketch of this woman who, in her poems, continues to speak In Her Own Words.


"What a grace gift from the Lord that He made us such creatures of innovative communication! He certainly bestowed this trait upon Velma Dora Cochren Terry. "In Her Own Words" is the treasured reflections and responses from this pioneer woman of 20th century Kansas. Through her poetic pen readers can resonate with her passion as she composed the nuances of this life, and contemplated the one to come. "-- Dr. Terry Tramel, Southwestern Christian University, Bethany, Oklahoma.
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