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Oklahoma Novel Wins Award
The novel Rendezvous Rock written by Marlow author Rickey Bray has placed second in the fantasy category in the Reader Views Literary Awards. Reader Views is an author support service based out of Austin, TX. The Reader Views Literary Awards are open to all authors as long as the book is published in English and marketed in North America.

Rickey Bray became an author after a series of personal tragedies. Following a car accident involving a drunk driver and the death of his wife and two children, Bray turned to drugs for consolation which eventually resulted in twelve years of incarceration, a life altering experience that resulted in the start of his writing career and this debut novel.

According to the book review by Richard R. Blake from Bridgman, MI, “Bray’s writing raises the standards of ex-prisoner published books from mediocre to excellent. Rendezvous Rock will be appreciated by those who enjoy the genres of fantasy and adventure with a romantic twist.”
Rendezvous Rock can be purchased online from Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble, and Robert D. Reed Publishers. Check with your local bookstores for availability.