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Congrats to P.J. Lawton! "Lethal Options" Garners 5 Star Review!

Title: LETHAL OPTION : A 'Simon Says' Detective Adventure ISBN 1-4137-7930-1
Description: Private Investigator Winston Simon meets beautiful surgeon, Lana Elmore. First she saves his life, and then he saves hers. They fall in love and plan to marry but there is one major stumbling block. Lana has lost on fiancé to violence and is determined not to lose another. After Simon is seriously injured, she gives him an ultimatum, his job or her. Before he can come to a decision a deadly sequence of actions drives a deep wedge between them. After completing several stressful cases, a physically and emotionally exhausted Simon finally makes his choice. But, is it too late? Unfortunately, Simon has made some deadly enemies. Does the pursuit of happiness always come with a price? For Simon, maybe it does.

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The author has garnered a five star review on Ghost Writer Reviews (see what they have to say at )