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Authors are being sought to participate in the Cowskin Prairie Book Festival, Saturday, March 27, 2010 in Grove, Oklahoma. Chapter #2611, United Daughters of the Confederacy, is sponsoring the event. The Festival is open to authors of both fiction and non-fiction in all genres: history, biography/memoir, education, romance, mystery, western, military, genealogy, children, young adult, etc.

Exhibitor tables are just $20 per table. Admission will be free to the public. Reservations can be mailed to: Cowskin Prairie Chapter, UDC, 61801 E 280 RD, Grove, OK. 74344. Reservations received by December 15 will include a free lunch. For more information call 918-542-4148, 918-787-4059 or visit


SULPHUR RIVER by Art Anthony

Sulphur River by Art Anthony
"As the Civil War draws to a close, the desperate Confederate army drafts fifteen-year-old Art Logging in place of his dying father. Sulphur River follows Art and his friend Darrell Stroud through their service in the Red River campaign and into their journey to make men of themselves. Art's keen eye for business opportunities in the midst of a crumbling nation and Darrell's resourceful support could set both boys up for a comfortable life in Northeast Texas. If only it were that simple.

Art and Darrell aren't the only ones looking to take advantage of chaos in the South in the mid-1860s. They must navigate their cotton, cattle, and horses around Confederate deserters, a crooked lawyer, and their own passions to reach the markets where they are most likely to make a profit. The boys find natural allies among neighboring farmers and a few unnatural allies in escaped slaves, Indians, and even Union soldiers.

Author Art Anthony has loaded Sulphur River with research into the history, culture, and economics of the eastern edge of the Old West. Those interested in Civil War history or pioneer stories will especially appreciate the adventures of Art Logging.

Art Anthony was born and raised in Goose Creek, Texas and now resides in Tuttle, Oklahoma. He retired in 2005 after twenty-three years in education. The last ten years he was superintendent of South Fork School district in Kincaid, Illinois. He moved to Oklahoma to be near his two grandsons. Art again began teaching for Oklahoma City public schools at Southern Hills Elementary. Earlier in his career Art was involved in agriculture manufacturing and marketing. He has four children and six grandchildren.

$29.99 (CD audio book available as download)