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New Book Surveys Oklahoma UFO's 1947-1969

Oklahoma - the Sooner State - has been witness to numerous strange and unusual events over its history and that include things zipping across its skies and landing on its soil. 

Author Marilyn A. Hudson serves as tour guide to a collection of the assorted events that had people looking up to search the skies from 1947 to 1969. Drawn from government records, newspapers, personal accounts and local legends she shares what people saw, what some said the objects were and provides some information and questions along the way.

Today, as 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" are becoming news worthy and the term is replacing the well worn "Flying Saucers" and "UFO's" of the past, take a trip to see what was going on over Oklahoma skies...

You might be surprised.

Marilyn A. Hudson, is an Oklahoma research, author, and storyteller who has written both fiction and nonfiction.

Paperback format